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Istanbul provides service in European standards with its modern hospitals, trained manpower, experienced specialists and technological infrastructure. Many private hospitals in Turkey's service quality has been approved by the world-renowned accreditation agencies. Private, public and university hospitals of Istanbul are equipped with the highest technology. Hospitals in Istanbul serve according to international and national accreditation criteria and they are audited twice a year. There are many highly qualified doctors in Turkish hospitals, which are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by personnel who provide good and qualified health care.

In Turkey, there are more than 2000 healthcare institutions among these state-of-art hospitals. 61 of them are accredited by JCI "Joint Commission International". This constitutes over 21% of the total accredited hospitals by JCI in 58 countries across the world. Turkish JCI accredited hospitals offer a full range of treatments through a network of locations, employing approximately 150.000 healthcare professionals, where over 15.000 of them are physicians having US Diploma.

The elements competitive advantages of Istanbul and Turkey in health tourism identified by Medical Tourism Magazine as follows:

  • High quality of infrastructure and hardware in the hospitals,
  • High experience levels of the doctors and health service providers at par with European standards,
  • Price advantages in comparison with other countries,
  • Country’s natural and historical prosperity and its unique geographical location as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East,
  • Appropriate climatic conditions combined with quality tourism administration and well-known Turkish hospitality.

  • All transactions and coordination related to health tourism are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health in accordance with the law. Health tourism department of the Ministry of Health provides 24/7 hot line translation services in English, German, Arabic, and Russian languages, 112 in case of emergency, 184 in case of complaints and international patients in hospitals. With its historical and cultural wealth as well as its level of development in health, İstanbul is one of the world's favorite health and tourism centers. Approximately 13,5 million foreign tourist visited Istanbul in 2018.

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