About Us

REVIVA is a Destination Management Company, DMC, located in Istanbul.

REVIVA provides;


We are here whenever you need a response to your questions about our services and more.


We dedicate our twenty years of experience to our services according to the highest global business and lifestyle standards.


We provide professional support services and value-added solutions that address your pressing challenges and improve business performance.

Who may benefit from our services?

Any national and international individuals and corporations who needs assistance in medical services, tourism services, project and event management services may choose to work with Reviva. We have in-depth local knowledge and expertise of these services and doing business in Istanbul, as well as our international expertise.

Thanks to our knowledge about service providers such as medical services, transportations services, hotels and other facilities we provide the best service within an affordable budget. We know cultural norms, market norms and expectations, and we protect personal and financial interest of our customers on their behalves accordingly.

We also organize the best private tours and the most enjoyable activities that you may encounter in Istanbul and in Turkey.

What kind of services are we providing?  

Healthcare Services

We act as an intermediary partner between international guests and medical doctors and treatment service providers. We promote the healthcare services available in Istanbul to our guests and answer their questions about the medical tourism process. We inform our guests about the best treatment solutions by the best doctors in Istanbul. We facilitate their communications and negotiations with the healthcare service providers.

Travel Organization

Reviva operates as a travel agent in Turkey with the TURSAB A level License granted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Reviva makes travel organization for both individuals and corporations. Reviva has affiliation with Turkish Airlines and numerous luxury hotels in Istanbul and Turkey. We inform our guests about the best travel and accommodation solutions and facilitate their communication and negotiations with these service providers as well.

Private Tours

Reviva organize private tours in Istanbul and other regions of Turkey. These tours can be arranged according to the travel plans and choices of the guests.

Event Management

Reviva prepares event timeline and schedule; organize event activities. These services include venue selection, booking and other related logistics such as accommodation and meal bookings; coordination of guest arrivals and departures.

Supplier Management

Vendor selection and supplier price negotiation, control of service provided by the vendors, auditing and payment of vendor invoices, financial negotiations, and detailed accounting reports.


Why Should You Come to Istanbul for Medical Tourism?

World countries now recognize Istanbul as their new health partner and rising medical tourism center. Istanbul is the shining star of health tourism with her health and tourism facilities as well as cultural, historical, and natural riches at the crossing point between East and West.

Hospitals in Istanbul serve according to international and national accreditation criteria and they are audited twice a year. There are many highly qualified doctors in Turkish hospitals, which are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by personnel who provide good and qualified health care.

In Turkey, there are more than 2000 healthcare institutions among these state-of-art hospitals. 61 of them are accredited by JCI “Joint Commission International”. This constitutes over 21% of the total accredited hospitals by JCI in 58 countries across the world.



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